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Set Up Your Profile

Choose a username.

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Upload a display picture.

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Don't forget to link all your social media accounts to your profile! Whether it's TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, or your own website, you can add all these links in one place, making it super easy for brands and users to find and follow your entire online presence.

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Choose your industries.

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Build your portfolio:

Add all your content: videos and product recommendations to showcase yourself to brands and followers.

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Easily add content from your TikTok and Instagram by clicking on "Add from TikTok" and "Add from Instagram" respectively.

add content from tiktok and instagram

Authorize Nomysh to access your TikTok and Instagram accounts.

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Once you have successfully connected your TikTok and Instagram accounts, select the videos you’d like to upload to your Nomysh profile and then click “Add”.

add content from tiktok and instagram

You can even upload videos manually from your device.

Add the caption and then click “Save”.

choose your niche(s) of interest

To begin, a minimum of 5 videos is necessary, but to significantly increase your chances of securing brand deals, we suggest sharing as many videos as possible. Click on “Next” once you have uploaded your videos.

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Next up add your product recommendations by adding the links to the products.

(If the product is from our supported brands, then we will automatically add the affiliate code so you make a commission from each sale!).

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Add all the required information and then click “Next”.

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At this point, you can ‘Add More’ products or click ‘Next’.

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Great, you’ve added your first product recommendation.

Now let's go back and add a few more.

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Starting off, it's essential to have at least 5 product recommendations.

However, for a better shot at landing brand deals, we recommend adding as many ‘product recommendations’ as you can. Once you've uploaded your product recommendations, simply click on "Next" to proceed.

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Lastly, tell us about your location so we can best curate the right deals for you.

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Fantastic, you're all set up! Welcome to the vibrant community of Nomysh. Gain visibility among a wider array of brands. Your adventure with Nomysh starts now – let's make it remarkable!

Boost Your Visibility: Share Your Nomysh Journey on Social Media

Now, let's take the next exciting step and start sharing on social media. Spread the word about your new Nomysh profile and bring traffic so that you go up in our ranking and get shown to more brands and users on our platform!!

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Share, Engage, and Monetize

But wait, it’s not just about creating your portfolio once! Remember to keep it regularly updated with your new videos and product recommendations. We recommend updating at least every 7 days to keep it fresh.

Most importantly, remember to actively share your Nomysh content on your socials. This is not only a fantastic way to inspire and engage others but also crucial for increasing your views. Higher views are key to ensuring your profile gets noticed across our platform on Discover and the Creator Marketplace, along with boosting your chances of attracting brand deals. Stay visible, stay vibrant!

Consistency and visibility are crucial for success!

Creator Marketplace

Take a look at how your marketplace card appears in theCreator Marketplace. Remember, the key to standing out to brands and ranking higher on the list is two-fold: continually adding high-quality content and actively sharing it.

It's crucial to understand that our algorithm for both the Creator Marketplace and Discover sections prioritizes the quality and quantity of your content, as well as the views on your profile and content.

Additionally, linking your TikTok account is crucial. Without this link, we won't be able to display your TikTok statistics, which are a key factor in demonstrating your reach and engagement to potential brand partners.

Keep creating, sharing, and shining on Nomysh!

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Collaboration Opportunities

Start checking out our Opportunities and applying to them!

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To jump on a specific opportunity, just hit the 'Apply' button and you're on your way!

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Promotion on Platform

Based on engagement, which includes the number of new views on your profile and content, as well as the quality and quantity of your content, your pages and profiles will be promoted across our site and featured in paid promotional campaigns.

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You can also make use of our handy Insight Tab, to get actionable data on how your profile is performing in terms of clicks and conversions.

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Browse the platform for collaboration opportunities and elevate your ranking by adding new videos and product recommendations, and of course, sharing on social.

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Continuous Engagement and Portfolio Management

  • Remember, Nomysh isn’t just a one-time setup; it’s your ongoing creator portfolio. So keep it updated to maintain visibility and attract more collaboration opportunities.
  • Share on socials for the same reason as above.
  • Reach out Nomysh Partnerships for custom queries or specific needs.

Maximizing Your Visibility on Nomysh

To ensure your profile and content achieve top visibility on our site, including the Creator Marketplace, and to secure prime positions in brand deals, focus on these key areas:

  • Traffic Generation: The views your profile and content receive are crucial. Driving more traffic to your content enhances your visibility.
  • Content Quantity: Regularly updating your profile with fresh content keeps you relevant and noticeable.
  • Content Quality: High-quality content not only attracts more views but also establishes your credibility and appeal to brands.


The key to being promoted on Nomysh is to keep your profile updated with high-quality videos and product recommendations, link your social media accounts, and actively share your content on social platforms. This is an ongoing journey to turn your passion into a successful career!

Checkout this video if you need more help below